Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Number then stars book talk

Dear readers,

  Did you ever like a book so much that you read it more than once. Well I have done that I read number the stars more then once. I like it so much because its about the holocaust and the holocaust is so fun to learn about and read about. The author did so good I wanted to read it again. I also like that she described so much its like a movie.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A not so great night

Dear ladies and gentleman

      i have some good news well i found out I... Got rid of scurvy people will now talk to me and my teeth are better i'm so glad i got rid of it because it was getting kinda hard to do things with out getting called dieses  girl I can not believe they said that. But my teeth were really bad but i got rid of it... just kidding... ok i did get rid of it well today everyone is now talking to me i have had so many people come up to me in the last hour.

    "hello oh we haven't talked in a while" captain said to me

    " oh i wounder why?" i sad with and angry look we kept talking then some one walked up and said hey desise girl i look straight in his eye and said i do not have that anymore so get over it he walk away and told everyone i was lieing and that i still had it when really i was clear no more i thoughts to myself people these days so so rude i do not appreciate this at all finally captain left and our conversation  was over oh the joy i felt when he lift i don't like talking to people that much.

     an hour later everyone was looking at me and i new right then and there  someone told everyone i still had scurvy and that didn't make me happy i asked what was everyone looking at and that one boy said you and i said i don't have scurvy anymore so mind your on bees wax


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My goals for the new year

dear readers,

`For the new year my goals are...

  • read more 
For reading i want to read 10 minuets more because it will help me get better.
  • do more writing
Writing is sometimes hard and i don't get a lot done so my goal is to practice and get better. To get better i will practice over break at home.

  • get better at math 
for math i know some but i need to know more so i will practice over and over again.


how i learn best

Dear readers,

my learning style is really weird as I would say. My style is if you want me to read I have to read out loud because I understand that better. Also I that type that is you have a poster you have to explain it to me. That is just weird things. I also member things better when the teacher explain every little thing.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Age of exploration: prepering to set sail

hello readers

    Me and my crew are about to set sea. It is august 1. We are going to get some spices so we can get money. as we set the sea my heart is broken because i left my family. Now we are going to spain. As we are leaving i think about my child she was as pretty as can be we were close. As i lay down to go to sleep i start thinking about her again i cant get her out of my head. Whats happening is there something going on?

   I wake up and someone is in my room they are panting back an forth i ask what was wrong and they said... i walk up to the dock and people where worried i asked my friend what was wrong he said someone has be stealing things and he they don't know who when i looked around some people looked like they new somethimg

Monday, October 27, 2014

The day my sister was born

Dear Readers,

Below is my Personal Narrative writing. I hope you enjoy it!


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“Mum mum where is she?”I said
“ She right here, do you want to see her?”
“ Whats her name mommy?”
I said “ Her name is Destynee Ryann Line” my mom said back with a tear in her eye.
“what's wrong mum”I ask with a confuse look on my face “ she look just like you charlize” my mom said smiling with the tear still in her eye and a confused look on my face.
“ Bill can we go for a walk please I have been sitting here for two days” my mom said “ sure “ my dad said “ haha daddy” I said with a smirk on my face

“ what charlize”
“ you have to take mommy on a walk”
“ Haha so funny u keep an eye on you little sister destynee ok”
“ Yes daddy”so my mom and dad went on on there walk. all of a sudden my sister started crying and she wouldn't stop and so i tried so hard to make her stop because her crying was high pitched and was hurting my ears. I tried to rock her to sleep but she still wouldn't stop i tried to sing to her but she STILL wouldn't stop I was getting frustrated so I took her with me to try to go find my mom and my dad. I was walking with her, I went into the restroom to see if my mother was in there but she wasn't so I kept walking and walking and so on then finally I got lost me and my not even one day old sister i'm not even two I am only like one so I talk to her and I said “ destynee are we still in the same hall your room is or no”? all she did was close her eyes oh little sister are so funny I thought to myself   “ hehe GRRRRR” I look all around me and  I thought who said that it happened again it was destynee that said that I look straight forward and found my dad right there I ran to him and hugged him and oh I said right  away “ dad  love you and all but i'm mad dont ever leave me with this high pitched crier again ok dad” “ok charlize whatever you say come  your mom wants you”
“ Daddy is mom ok?”
“ Yes why?”
“ Just asking”
“ Ok”my dad said. I feel bad for not telling my dad whats actually wrong.  “ dad I…” I slowed and got quieter I didn't want to finish. Me and my baby sister seen my mom and then the doctor came in and said “ you guys can now go home and have a wonderful night”.  “But wait we can't go yet Destynee is not ready yet you guys didn't give her, her medication “ oh im sorry I didn't know” “ ok here you guys go heres her medication,” the doctor responded.”Thank you very much”. my dad said in a frustrated voice “ sir is everything ok” the doctor said “ just when my daughter was born she was sick thats all and i dont even know what the sickness is” so another doctor came in“ billy i found out what your daughter's sickness is” “ what what is it?” my dad said with scared face “ its condernetl hypro plasha which means she not getting enough sugar in her body and she can die” “ what my daughter is not going to die is she” my dad said crying “ i dont know if she is or not only four people have died of this and only four people have had this but I really don't know if she could but I know what you to go home and if she has a problem bring her back.”

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

volcano and earthquakes

Dear readers

     In since we are learning about volcano and earthquakes and tsunami. do you now how earthquakes happens well there are plates in the earth that some times get displaced and they hit each other and the earth shakes just for a couple seconds and destroys a lot of things. some times they can be powerful some times there not and did you know we have earthquakes every day that happens right there you just don't feel it like if you are reading this right know there could be a earthquake happing right now and if you really think of it then when an earthquake actually happen u will still be afraid but you will also think oh this happens all the time just it not this strong.

Volcano's are vary dangers the lava can get to 12,500 degrees and when the people that get the temperature have to were lots of close so the lava doses  hert them. if you guys are wondering what a volcano is well a volcano is a mountain that has lava in it that builds up and then it gets so high that it erupt.and when it erups some goes in the air and some falls down on the volcano. also the lava stick inside. Because some lava is sticky well kind of all lava except twenty percent.