Tuesday, September 30, 2014

volcano and earthquakes

Dear readers

     In since we are learning about volcano and earthquakes and tsunami. do you now how earthquakes happens well there are plates in the earth that some times get displaced and they hit each other and the earth shakes just for a couple seconds and destroys a lot of things. some times they can be powerful some times there not and did you know we have earthquakes every day that happens right there you just don't feel it like if you are reading this right know there could be a earthquake happing right now and if you really think of it then when an earthquake actually happen u will still be afraid but you will also think oh this happens all the time just it not this strong.

Volcano's are vary dangers the lava can get to 12,500 degrees and when the people that get the temperature have to were lots of close so the lava doses  hert them. if you guys are wondering what a volcano is well a volcano is a mountain that has lava in it that builds up and then it gets so high that it erupt.and when it erups some goes in the air and some falls down on the volcano. also the lava stick inside. Because some lava is sticky well kind of all lava except twenty percent.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The nervous system

hello readers

In science we are leaning about our nerves and how they are important. Your nerves are important because they all collected and made your brain so with out nerves you wouldn't remember anything.also when you feel something hot you move vary fast that's your brain telling you to move. i have a question how does your brain receive information? your brain receive information from all the nevers in your body. another  question how does the nervous system work? it works with your nerves because of your brain.


Thursday, September 4, 2014

experiment 1

 My soil sample is a mixture because it has different things. Also it is all mixed around in the bag.

             I would like to tell you about my experiment so here how I going to do it I will tell you step by step so here we go. So first i got my soil sample and measured it. Second I had rote my answers which you can see down at the bottom. Third I add up all my answers and got my total. Then I had to find my percent after I did that I  was done.