Monday, October 27, 2014

The day my sister was born

Dear Readers,

Below is my Personal Narrative writing. I hope you enjoy it!


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“Mum mum where is she?”I said
“ She right here, do you want to see her?”
“ Whats her name mommy?”
I said “ Her name is Destynee Ryann Line” my mom said back with a tear in her eye.
“what's wrong mum”I ask with a confuse look on my face “ she look just like you charlize” my mom said smiling with the tear still in her eye and a confused look on my face.
“ Bill can we go for a walk please I have been sitting here for two days” my mom said “ sure “ my dad said “ haha daddy” I said with a smirk on my face

“ what charlize”
“ you have to take mommy on a walk”
“ Haha so funny u keep an eye on you little sister destynee ok”
“ Yes daddy”so my mom and dad went on on there walk. all of a sudden my sister started crying and she wouldn't stop and so i tried so hard to make her stop because her crying was high pitched and was hurting my ears. I tried to rock her to sleep but she still wouldn't stop i tried to sing to her but she STILL wouldn't stop I was getting frustrated so I took her with me to try to go find my mom and my dad. I was walking with her, I went into the restroom to see if my mother was in there but she wasn't so I kept walking and walking and so on then finally I got lost me and my not even one day old sister i'm not even two I am only like one so I talk to her and I said “ destynee are we still in the same hall your room is or no”? all she did was close her eyes oh little sister are so funny I thought to myself   “ hehe GRRRRR” I look all around me and  I thought who said that it happened again it was destynee that said that I look straight forward and found my dad right there I ran to him and hugged him and oh I said right  away “ dad  love you and all but i'm mad dont ever leave me with this high pitched crier again ok dad” “ok charlize whatever you say come  your mom wants you”
“ Daddy is mom ok?”
“ Yes why?”
“ Just asking”
“ Ok”my dad said. I feel bad for not telling my dad whats actually wrong.  “ dad I…” I slowed and got quieter I didn't want to finish. Me and my baby sister seen my mom and then the doctor came in and said “ you guys can now go home and have a wonderful night”.  “But wait we can't go yet Destynee is not ready yet you guys didn't give her, her medication “ oh im sorry I didn't know” “ ok here you guys go heres her medication,” the doctor responded.”Thank you very much”. my dad said in a frustrated voice “ sir is everything ok” the doctor said “ just when my daughter was born she was sick thats all and i dont even know what the sickness is” so another doctor came in“ billy i found out what your daughter's sickness is” “ what what is it?” my dad said with scared face “ its condernetl hypro plasha which means she not getting enough sugar in her body and she can die” “ what my daughter is not going to die is she” my dad said crying “ i dont know if she is or not only four people have died of this and only four people have had this but I really don't know if she could but I know what you to go home and if she has a problem bring her back.”