Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Number then stars book talk

Dear readers,

  Did you ever like a book so much that you read it more than once. Well I have done that I read number the stars more then once. I like it so much because its about the holocaust and the holocaust is so fun to learn about and read about. The author did so good I wanted to read it again. I also like that she described so much its like a movie.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A not so great night

Dear ladies and gentleman

      i have some good news well i found out I... Got rid of scurvy people will now talk to me and my teeth are better i'm so glad i got rid of it because it was getting kinda hard to do things with out getting called dieses  girl I can not believe they said that. But my teeth were really bad but i got rid of it... just kidding... ok i did get rid of it well today everyone is now talking to me i have had so many people come up to me in the last hour.

    "hello oh we haven't talked in a while" captain said to me

    " oh i wounder why?" i sad with and angry look we kept talking then some one walked up and said hey desise girl i look straight in his eye and said i do not have that anymore so get over it he walk away and told everyone i was lieing and that i still had it when really i was clear no more i thoughts to myself people these days so so rude i do not appreciate this at all finally captain left and our conversation  was over oh the joy i felt when he lift i don't like talking to people that much.

     an hour later everyone was looking at me and i new right then and there  someone told everyone i still had scurvy and that didn't make me happy i asked what was everyone looking at and that one boy said you and i said i don't have scurvy anymore so mind your on bees wax